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brush types and shapes

Series 1450R.png
Series 1450R

Acrilex White Bristle Brush - Round 

Series 113

Acrilex Hog Bristle Brush - Fan

Series 500R

Acryloil Acrylic Brush - Round

Series 610

Gold Sable Blender - Fan

Series 962

White Taklon Oil & Acrylic Brush - Fan

Gold Sable

Gold Sable Miniature Brushes with Thick Metallic Mauve Handles

Series 18

H.J. Round Domed Stipple Brush

Series 19.png
Series 19 

H.J. Pure Bristle Stencil Brush

Series 620

Gold Sable Brush with Mauve Handle - Cat's Tongue

Series 665

Interlon Nylon Hair Comb - Square

Series 675

Interlon Nylon Hair Comb - Cat's Tongue

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